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Peanut Paste and Its Friendly Packaging to Save the Planet
Afifah Tri Hyuanawati

Last modified: 2019-03-25


Peanut paste is the main ingredient for exotic peanut dressing from Indonesia. Its special taste is popular for many dishes like vegetable salad, fritters, satay, and dumplings. Since it is vegan-friendly, peanut paste also has chance to become environment-friendly. Special packaging is needed by peanut paste to maintain its taste and texture. Paper and telobag are nominated as environment-friendly packaging for peanut paste. The characteristics of both packaging material is considered as harmless for environment. In addition, there are several factors that may affect the purchase intention of peanut paste wrapped in environment-friendly packaging. Those factors are environmental concern, subjective norm, social norm, and aesthetic evaluation. This paper aims to reveal the chance of peanut paste contribution related to environmental concern through its packaging and how to adjust the need of consumers in local and international market of peanut paste and the need to save the planet will be discussed.