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The Perception of Muslim Consumers in Purchasing Cosmetics without Halal Label
Afifah Tri Hyuanawati

Last modified: 2019-03-25


As Muslim consumers dominates the population in Central Java, Indonesia, there are potential market for cosmetics industry. However, not all cosmetics has halal label that convince Indonesian Muslim to choose their products. This research aims to estimate a number of possibilities for Muslim to choose cosmetics without halal label. There are 150 Muslim respondents who join this research by answering a questionnaire related to attitude, perceived behavioral control, social norm, and purchase intention which is calculated later by using SmartPLS 2.0. The results prove that Muslim to wear cosmetics without halal label based on the variables proposed in this research and perceived behavioral control becomes the most significant influence towards purchase intention of cosmetics without halal label. Therefore, cosmetics company should put the quality first before halal label to gain more attention of Muslim consumers.