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Optimization of Embarktion and Debarcation Service As Proof of The Implementation of Case Study SOP-Based Services at PT Pelni and PT Pelindo Persero
Riyanto Riyanto

Building: Parallel Session 3
Room: F
Date: 2020-10-27 04:15 PM – 05:30 PM
Last modified: 2020-10-19


Indonesia is one of the countries whose development has been taken into account by other countries throughout the world. From various aspects, especially on natural resources which incidentally can produce material value which is very abundant and has become one of the parts that continues to boost the country's economy. With such conditions, then one consequence is the mindset of the community that continues to grow until the increasing needs of the community. This study seeks to examine the application of E-ticketing at PT Pelni Semarang Branch as a proof of optimizing embarkation and debarkation services on the basis of the application of the existing SOP system at PT PELNI Semarang branch. By using descriptive qualitative research methods and samples taken at PT PELNI Semarang, the results of the study are as follows: Service procedures for selling marine ticket tickets provide prospective consumers with information about their desires, conducting shipreservation information on departure and price schedules, making invoices, payment, printing , and then bookkeeping. certain times there is a surge in the number of potential passengers so it is not proportional to the number of available fleets, or changes in departure schedules due to natural factors and so on so that the ship departure time of PT. PELNI is not in accordance with the desires of the prospective customer, the sales clerk will provide an alternative schedule for the departure of other ships, among others there are also shortages, among others, there are still brokers in this case the agent to take passengers can enter the ship and also if there is a tide up to the passenger lounge this should also be a concern for the management of PT Pelni Semarang.

Keywords: Optimization, Embarkation, Debarkation, PT PELNI