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Influence Of Compensation, Motivation And Culture Of The Organization On Performance Of Countract Employee
Alamin Sirait, Sri Langgeng Ratnasari, Faizal Madya
The Effect Of Work Discipline, Training, And Occupational Safety And Health On Employee Performance (Case Study: Balai Wilayah Sungai Sumatera IV)
marselina mulyani, Sri Langgeng Ratnasari, Faizal Madya
Board compensation and risk taking in Islamic banks: Evidence from Indonesia
Tastaftiyan Risfandy
Influence of Facilities, Training, and Motivation on Employee Performance
Rona Tanjung, Yannik Ariyati, Sri Langgeng Ratnasari, Ervin Nora Susanti
The Influence Of Individual Characteristics, Work Environment, Organizational Climate, Motivation, and Compensation On Employee Performance
Martinus Buulolo, Sri Langgeng Ratnasari, Herni Widiyah Nasrul
The Influence of Organizational Commitment, Principal Leadership, Organizational Culture and Compensation on Teacher Performance.
Indra Ruyani
Underpricing IPO: A Corporate Governance Contribution and The Emerging of Contagion Effect As A Perspective Industrial Inter Transfer to Companies that do IPO in 2016 - 2019
Ades Rajayana
Employee Performance: Organizational Culture, Compensation, And Organizational Commitment With Job Satisfaction As An Intervening Variable
Sri langgeng Ratnasari


Tri R. Kurniawati, Etty Puji Lestari, Heffi Christya Rahayu
The Influence of Pandemic Covid 19 on the Tourism Sector of Riau Kepulauan Province FULL PAPER PDF
ervin nora susanti, Sri Langgeng Ratnasari, Widodo Ismanto, Rona Tanjung
Optimization of Embarktion and Debarcation Service As Proof of The Implementation of Case Study SOP-Based Services at PT Pelni and PT Pelindo Persero
Riyanto Riyanto


The Effect on Company Characteristics and Size of the Board of Commissioners on Green Banking Implementation in Indonesia Banking Industry
Yulia Eka Riyanti, Muhammad Zilal Hamzah, Deni Darmawati
Initiation of Green Accounting And Environmental Performance For The Sustainable Development of Manufacturing Companies
Yusvita Nena Arinta, Taufikur Rahman, Rifda Nabila, Arna Asna Annisa
Do the universities implement university social responsibility (USR)? Study at state universities in Indonesia
Sri Suranta, Rahmawati Rahmawati, Ari Kuncara Widagdo
Bank Ownership Structure and Reputation Through Sustainability Reporting in Indonesia
Nurmadi Harsa Sumarta, Mugi Rahardjo, Kingkin Kurnia Trio Satriya, Edy Supriyono
Post-Issue of Sustainability Report: Does Bank Reputation and Market Valuation Improve? (Evidence from Indonesian Listed Banks)
Nurmadi Harsa Sumarta, Mugi Rahardjo, Prihatnolo Gandhi Amidjaya, Tri Mulyaningsih

Covid-19 Pandemic: Business Impact and Economic Recovery

Busy Directors: Evidence from CEOs and Directors Compensation
Robin Robin