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Innovation Strategy - Policies to Increase Regional Competitiveness of Central Java Province
Wiwin Widiastuti, Agus Fanar Syukri

Building: Parallel Session 3
Room: H
Date: 2020-10-27 04:15 PM – 05:30 PM
Last modified: 2020-10-21


Regional development with the aim of achieving community welfare must be carried out with sustainable development. The level of competitiveness is one of the parameters in the concept of a sustainable city. In line with the increase in regional competitiveness, it means that the level of community welfare will be higher. In an effort to map the regional competitiveness of Central Java Province, regional competitiveness index (IDSD) measurements have been carried out for 3 consecutive years using measurement instruments from the Ministry of Research and Technology / National Innovation Research Agency. The study aims to (1) identify the level of regional competitiveness of Central Java Province; (2) identify the advantages and disadvantages of Central Java's competitiveness; (3) analyzing innovation strategies to increase the competitiveness of Central Java as input for regional development planning. The study was carried out with the literature study & desk study method using the results of the Central Java IDSD measurement data collection for 2018-2020. The results of the study stated that the IDSD value of Central Java province was in the high category, where in 2019 (4.06) decreased compared to 2018 (4.21) while the IDSD value in 2020 (4.52) increased compared to 2019. The factors / aspects shaping regional competitiveness are the enabling environment, human capital, market and innovation ecosystem. Regional competitiveness is a composite value of aspects, pillars and forming dimensions that reflect regional productivity and development. The advantages of Central Java Province lie in the aspects of the innovation ecosystem and the weaknesses in the aspects of human capital and the enabling environment. The recommended innovation strategy to increase regional competitiveness is to synergize regional development in Central Java by optimizing the role of regions in the regional system.

Keywords: Competitiveness, Regional Competitiveness Index, Innovation Strategy, Regional Development Planning, Policy