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An Empirical Study of XYZ Regency’s Population Development Grand Design
Jalu Aji Prakoso, Khresna Bayu Sangka, Hadi Sasana

Building: Parallel Session 3
Room: I
Date: 2020-10-27 04:15 PM – 05:30 PM
Last modified: 2020-10-19


The big challenge for population development in the future is how to achieve the demographic bonus that is projected to occur in 2035. Therefore, the Grand Design for Population Development is designed to realizing an orderly and qualified population as the basic social capital of national development, to achieve the goals of independence, progress, justice and prosperity. Thus, the development of the population of XYZ Regency will be advanced, independent, prosperous, sustainable, and cultured. Integrating five important development pillars, namely quantity control, quality development, family development, direction of mobility, and population database development; the grand design would take important part of development for various fields to combat poverty and helplessness.

This study employed the Manpower Requirements Approach, which is a method that estimates the need for labor to increase certain economic growth. Furthermore, to estimate the needs of the working population or job opportunities, the elasticity approach and linear regression are used. Research analysis based on statistical results showed that it is necessary to establish policies to improve the quality of the population in the education sector, increase the competence and competitiveness of the population through formal, non-formal and informal education in order to achieve what is expected. population quality. However, reducing the education gap by gender through increasing women's access to education services is also important to note.