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The Role of Religiosity and Ad Skepticism on Response to Erotic Appeals in Advertising: A Netnographic Approach
Catur Sugiarto, Pram Suryanadi, Virginie de Barnier
Exploring the Model of Abusive Supervision and Employee’s Turnover Intention: Is Neuroticism a Moderator ?
Edi Cahyono, Syahriar Abdullah
The Role of Brand Engagement in Self-Concept toward Brand Love and Brand Advocacy
Pram Suryanadi, Aldwin Marciadi
Determinants of Secondhand Clothes Repurchase Intention: Indonesian Consumer's Perspective
David Anthony Setiawan, Kunthi Afrilinda Kusumawardani
Analysis of the Relevance Between Consumers Engagement Toward Sales in Online Games (Case Study on Mobile Legends Player in Indonesia)
Adi Prasetyo Nugroho, Catur Sugiarto
Creating Brand Love through Brand Trust, Brand Image and Other Customer Perception: a Case Study of Go-Jek in Jakarta, Indonesia
Jevin Rakasiwi Dipa Alam, Vita Briliana
The Influence Of Work Life Balance Culture, Healthcare BPJS Program, Work Conflict and Work Motivation on Nurse Performance
Deny Soryatmodjo
Post Coronavirus Pandemic, New Normal, and Tourism in Indonesia Full Paper (PDF)
Aulia Rahmah Afriani, Catur Sugiarto
Efforts to create sustainability in family companies during the post transition period of PT Cahaya Perdana Transalam Batam.
Dian Fitri
Macro Economics on Stock Returns Portfolio LQ45 at Indonesia Stock Exchange (An Approach of APT)
Yuki Dwi Darma, Emmelia Tan
The Mediating Role of Organizational Justice in The Relationship Between Transformational Leadership on Quality of Work Life and Turnover Intention
Dimas Sulton, Joko Suyono
The Influence of The Leadership Style, Commitment of Organizational, Organizational Climate, Organizational Culture and Compesation on Turnover Intention at PT PCI Elektronik International Batam
Erwin Wisuda Sinambela
Efforts to Improve Marketing and Brand Value of the Laweyan Batik Cluster through the implementation of the Branding Heritage Program
Tulus Haryono, Retno Tanding Suryandari, Tetuko Rawidyo Putro, Haryanto Haryanto, Christiyaningsih Budiwati, Pram Suryanadi, Catur Sugiarto
The Effect of Competence, Communication, Organizational Culture, and Training Toward Nursing Performance in PT ABCB
Yuli Susilowati
Factors that Affecting the Quality Services of Economy-Premium Train in Indonesia
Tina Agustien, Tulus Haryono
Green Business Model of Small-Scale Aquaculture Businesses
Adijati Utaminingsih
Does the application of fintech and financial literacy affect the financial management behavior?
Wiwin Juliyanti, Doddy Setiawan
National Culture, Organizational Culture, Entrepreneurial Orientation and Organizational Performance of SMEs of Batik and Tenun Traditional Product of Indonesian
Hatane Semuel, Saarce Elsye Hatane, Yenni Mangoting
Predicting the Revisit Intention at Private Hospitals Mediated by Perceived Service Quality and Satisfaction
Alfica Ayu Millenia Permata Damayanti, Kunthi Afrilinda Kusumawardani
Antecedent of Organizational Performance in PT “XYZ” Pharma, Tbk., Pasuruan, East Java
Mashudi Mashudi
Corporate Governance and Firm Size On Earnings Management : Indonesia Listed Companies
Emmelia Tan
Trust Mediates The Influence of Social Media Marketing and Electronic Word of Mouth on Purchase Intention
Tria Kristina
Analyzing Time Effect in The Push and Pull Factors Affecting Foreign Portfolio Investment in Indonesia Stock Market
Matrodjie - Mustafa, Agustini - Hamid
Developing employee innovative work behavior through the role of psychological empowerment and learning agility : A generational diversity perspective
Bertha Kusuma Wardani, Yanuar Surya Putra, Mada Adi Wibowo
The Role of Customer Engagement in Building Loyalty : An Empirical Study on BCA
Clara Uli Kumudani, Catur Sugiarto
The Importance of Millennial Organizational Commitment and Loyalty Study in Indonesia
Muhammad Abdullah 'Azzam
Improving Nurse Retention: The Role of Transformational Leadership on Work Engagement and The Mediating Effect of Structural Empowerment
Darajatun Surya Admaja, Joko Suyono
Employee Performance; Leadership, Organization Behavior, Compensation and Work Discipline.
The Impact of Social Influence on Online Purchase Behavior of Organic Food
Farah Fadzilah Aziis, Minar Ferichani, Nuning Setyowati
An Analysis of the Effects of Working Tenure, Performance Allowance Satisfaction and Organizational Citizenship Behavior on Employee’s Working Performance
Merri Syafwardi
Influence Of Compensation, Motivation And Culture Of The Organization On Performance Of Countract Employee
Alamin Sirait, Sri Langgeng Ratnasari, Faizal Madya
The Effect Of Work Discipline, Training, And Occupational Safety And Health On Employee Performance (Case Study: Balai Wilayah Sungai Sumatera IV)
marselina mulyani, Sri Langgeng Ratnasari, Faizal Madya
The Effect of Location, Promotion, Product and Price to Customer Satisfaction CV. Silver Indonesia Batam FULL PAPER PDF
Mohammad Ali Fauzi
Integration Model for Sustainable Agro-Tourism Management
Ihwan Susila
Board compensation and risk taking in Islamic banks: Evidence from Indonesia
Tastaftiyan Risfandy
The Influence Of Organizational Culture, Leadership, Motivation, And Work Discipline On Employee Performance
indra hardono
The Influence Of Leadership, Motivation, Work Discipline, And The Working Environment On Employee Performance
Sri Sumar Winanti
Influence of Facilities, Training, and Motivation on Employee Performance
Rona Tanjung, Yannik Ariyati, Sri Langgeng Ratnasari, Ervin Nora Susanti
The Influence of Organizational Culture, Work Environment, Knowledge Transfer, The Application of Information Technology Towards Managerial Performance FULL PAPER PDF
Eduard Ricardo Sinaga
The Effect of New Normal Policies on Financial Market durings The Covid-19 Pandemic : Evidence From China, USA, and Indonesian Financial Markets
Lisa Kustina
The Influence Of Individual Characteristics, Work Environment, Organizational Climate, Motivation, and Compensation On Employee Performance
Martinus Buulolo, Sri Langgeng Ratnasari, Herni Widiyah Nasrul
The Effect of Leadership Style, Communication, Training, Work Ethic and Individual Characteristics on Employee Performance
Erni Sukmawati
The Influence of Organizational Commitment, Principal Leadership, Organizational Culture and Compensation on Teacher Performance.
Indra Ruyani
Analysis of Customer Satisfaction with The Quality of Service at EDUMART KOSUKU UNSOED FULL PAPER PDF
Aldila Krisnaresanti, Yusriati Nur Farida, Cut Misni Mulasiwi, Lina Rifda Naufalin
The Influence of Core Competencies, Dynamic Capability, on Competitive Advantages, Brand Performance, towards Internationalization of Indonesia’s SME’s Brand
Maria Mia Kristanti
Customer’s Preference in Choosing Electronic Wallet: Study in Bandung
Cut Irna Setiawati, Hamzah Rendi Perkasa
Employee Performance Enhancement Through Innovative Behavior At PT KAI
Muhammad Pujiyono
Destination Competitiveness of Selected Farms in the 8th District of Cavite
Hermilina Ambunan Mendoza
Percieved organizational support and knowledge-sharing behavior: an evidence to improve organizational performance of school principals in the education office Central Java
Agustinus Wardi
Knowledge Sharing Behavior and Percieved Organization Support, An Effort to Encourage Performance Organization At The Education and Culture Office of Central Java Province
Susilo Adi
Task implementation Quality and Organizational Innovation: Do They as Antesedent for Driving Force Organizational Performance of Principal?
Maikal Soediarto
Job Performance And Innovation Organization Are Anticedents To Improve Case Study Organization Performance In Dinas Pendidikan, Semarang City, Central Java Province
Deddy Krisdianto
Company Performance: An Antecedent for Driving Firm Value Through Corporate Governance and Ownership Structure
Sukrisno Sukrisno
Underpricing IPO: A Corporate Governance Contribution and The Emerging of Contagion Effect As A Perspective Industrial Inter Transfer to Companies that do IPO in 2016 - 2019
Ades Rajayana
Knowledge Sharing and Oriented Team Spirit: An Evidence as Antesedent to Ignite Organizational Performance of Merchant College
Kundori Kundori
Valued Based Selling Capability And Marketing Support Advantage : Do They Give An Evidence To ignite Sales Performance Tourism Industry In Central Java?
Bambang Guritno
Responsiveness Capability and Product Development Orgware Quality: A Driver Marketing Performance of Tourism Sector in Central Java
Samtono Samtono
The Role of Brand Heritage, History and Experiences to Create Consumers True Brand Loyalty and Resonance: Evidence from Indonesia
Pram Suryanadi, Catur Sugiarto
Employee Performance: Organizational Culture, Compensation, And Organizational Commitment With Job Satisfaction As An Intervening Variable
Sri langgeng Ratnasari
Evaluation of university performance based on good governance, internal control and organizational culture perspectives
Salman Alfarisy Totalia, Triyanto Triyanto, Budi Wahyono, Khresna Bayu Sangka


Factors influencing Generation Z to adopt mobile payment as a payment method: the Extended Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology (UTAUT) Approach
Triasesiarta Nur, Rosinta Ria Panggabean
Achievement of Sustainable Development Goals in Gender Mainstreaming through the Gender and Development Perspective
Indah Susilowati & Izza Mafruhah
Analysis of Factors Affecting Regional Economic Growth (Case Study in Regencies / Cities in Solo Raya)
Faisal Yoga Utama, Dewi Ismoyowati
The Welfare Loss Analysis of Regional Water Companies: Evidence from Unhealthy PDAM in Indonesia
Ade Robbani Setiawan
Political Economy Impact In Syaria Stock Exchange Market Growth FULL PAPER PDF
Iskandar Iskandar, Waridin Waridin, Yusvita Nena Arinta
Financial Stability to Indonesia Economic Performance
Anggraeni Tri Hapsari
Tri R. Kurniawati, Etty Puji Lestari, Heffi Christya Rahayu
Economic predictors for managing the energy consumption system in the sub-Saharan Africa region. Modeling of possible long-term sustainable solutions respectful the environment
Aboyitungiye Jean Baptiste, Evi Gravitiani
Econometric Modeling Of The Factors Determining The Consumption Of Natural Gas By Households In Indonesia
Aboyitungiye Jean Baptiste, Suryanto Suryanto
Governance of Funeral, Government Policy and Potensials of Regional Income Concept in Indonesia
Tomo Hadi Saputro, Amsal Amsal, Ray Septianis Kartika, Catur Wibowo Budi Santoso, Siti Maemunah, Josep Josep, Asrori Asrori, Hotnier Sipahutar, Andjar Prasetyo
Morningness Vs Eveningness: Who Performs Better at School? A Case of Indonesia
Achmad Kautsar, Fikri Brillianti, Grace Wulandari
Determinants of Rice Production in Asian Countries
Dian Ayu Andriani, Tri Mulyaningsih
Vita Kartika Sari, Malik Cahyadin
Yield Curve Estimation with Dynamic Nelson Siegel for Detecting Recession In Asian Countries
Yeyen Suratning, Zaafri Ananto Husodo
CO2 Emissions, Population, Tourism, Oil Consumption, and Corruption: Evidence from ASEAN 5 Developing Countries
Winny Perwithosuci, Izza Mafruhah, Evi Gravitiani, Tamat Sarmidi
Tuberculosis in Indonesia: Are Socio-economic Status and Environmental Factors Important?
Amalia Kusumaningrum, Grace Wulandari, Achmad Kautsar
Agropolitan Performance in Central Java
Alfina Handayani
Conditional Cash Transfers and Educational Aspiration of the Parents: A Case Study in Yogyakarta Province
Romi Bhakti Hartarto, Dyah Titis Kusuma Wardani
Analysis of Factors Affecting the Unemployment Rate in Java Island 2010-2019
Adi Wijaya, Nugroho Saputro
The Effects of Early Maternal Employment on Later Cognitive Skills of Children in Indonesia
Daru Anggoro Aji
Does Natural Disasters and Regional Factors Affect Housing Price In Indonesia?
ariyanto adhi nugroho, Laela Rizki Fauzia
Sustainibility of Labor Absorption of Coastal Communities Through The Development of Fishery Port Infrastructure
Agus Hadi Purwantomo
Determining The Priorities Location Of Affordable Housing Development With TOAHD Concept In Bregasmalang Agglomeration Area
Okto Risdianto Manullang
The Development of Tengger Tourist Village at Tourist Access to Mt. Bromo from Malang
R Widodo Djati sasongko, Bambang Supriyono, Sarwono sarwono, Alfi Haris Wanto
Innovation Strategy - Policies to Increase Regional Competitiveness of Central Java Province
Wiwin Widiastuti, Agus Fanar Syukri
Flypaper Effect on Regional Expenditure in 32 Cities of Indonesia FULL PAPER PDF
irham iskandar
The Influence of Pandemic Covid 19 on the Tourism Sector of Riau Kepulauan Province FULL PAPER PDF
ervin nora susanti, Sri Langgeng Ratnasari, Widodo Ismanto, Rona Tanjung
A Multidirectional Optimum Ecotope Base Algorithm (AMOEBA) Central Java Province Workforce
Caroline - Caroline
Optimization of Embarktion and Debarcation Service As Proof of The Implementation of Case Study SOP-Based Services at PT Pelni and PT Pelindo Persero
Riyanto Riyanto
The Implementation Of Financial Inclusion For Indonesian Migrant Workers Post Placement
Izza Mafruhah, Nurul Istiqomah
Deposits and bank fundamental in Indonesia: A supply and demand analysis
nugroho saputro
Private Health Insurance Markets- A Spatial Assessment of Influences and Effects in Europe
Codruta Mare, Simona Laura Dragos, Gabriela Mihaela Muresan, Alexandra Anca Purcel
Dirty Industry and Institutional Quality on Pollution: Evidence in Developing Countries
ana shohibul manshur al ahmad, Agustinus Suryantoro, Sarjiyanto Sarjiyanto, Sarwoto Sarwoto


Is There Mediation Role Of Corporate Social Responsibility On relationship of Competitive Pressure and Business Performance in Batik Industry in Central Java?
Noorlalie Soewarno, Bambang Tjahjadi, Mawar Fitriyah
Capital Structure and Enterprise Risk Management on Firm Value: Cash Holdings as Mediating
Audit Partner Gender, Audit Quality, Audit Report, Net Income, Book Value of Equity and Value Relevance
Tiara Wintari, Rosinta Ria Panggabean
The Effect on Company Characteristics and Size of the Board of Commissioners on Green Banking Implementation in Indonesia Banking Industry
Yulia Eka Riyanti, Muhammad Zilal Hamzah, Deni Darmawati
Comparison of People Welfare and Financial Performance Between City Governments and Districts in Java FULL PAPER PDF
maryono maryono
Mediating role of green innovation on green market orientation-business performance relationship: Evidence from MSMEs in East Java Province, Indonesia
Bambang Tjahjadi, Noorlailie Soewarno, Noorlailie Soewarno, Hariyati Hariyati, Hariyati Hariyati, Lina Nasihatun Nafidah, Lina Nasihatun Nafidah, Nanik Kustiningsih, Nanik Kustiningsih, Viviani Nadyaningrum, Viviani Nadyaningrum
Initiation of Green Accounting And Environmental Performance For The Sustainable Development of Manufacturing Companies
Yusvita Nena Arinta, Taufikur Rahman, Rifda Nabila, Arna Asna Annisa
The Influence of CEO’s Characteristics on Financial Performance of Banks in Mediated by Environmental Performance
Nurmadi Harsa Sumarta, Muhammad Agung Prabowo, Edy Supriyono, Puspa Devi Maharani
The Factors Affecting Students’ Decision to Choose Accounting Career
Yenni Mangoting, Angeline Sugiarto Yusuf, Melly Irna Natasya Hoetomo, Saarce Elsye Hatane, Hatane Semuel
Exploration Of The Accounting Treatment For Crypto Assets: Is It Eligible To be Recognized As An Asset?
Irham Fuadi, Dyah Purwanti
The Conception of Accounting Treatment for Research and Development Activities in Start-Up Companies: Evidence from Indonesia
Hukla Diva Ajiraga Anugraha Putra, Dyah Purwanti
Earnings Persistence, Systematic Risk, Audit Quality, and Earnings Response Coefficient
Nadya Yohane Ticoalu, Rosinta Ria Panggabean
Factors Affecting Disclosure of Islamic Social Reporting for Islamic Commercial Banks Registered at Bank Indonesia
Ikbar Luqyana, Dilla Saezana Zunaidi, Novrys Suhardianto
Sustainability Reporting of LQ45 Index Company
Cahyaningsih Cahyaningsih, Salma Indah Diana
Factors Affecting Firm Value
Jordan Gozali, Haryo Suparmun
Acceptance of Electronic Village Budgeting (e-VB) in Banyuwangi Regency: Evidence from UTAUT Model
Dicky Andriyanto
Stock Price Reaction when Covid-19 Exist: Moderating by Firm’s Operating Cash Flow
Dwiyanjana Santyo Nugroho, Meilani Intan Pertiwi
Audit Opinion on Local Government Financial Statement and Regional Economic Growth
Fitra Dharma
The Effect pf Firm Size, Leverage, Capital Intensity and corporate social responsibility on tax aggressiveness
Nanik Lestari
Do the universities implement university social responsibility (USR)? Study at state universities in Indonesia
Sri Suranta, Rahmawati Rahmawati, Ari Kuncara Widagdo
Bank Ownership Structure and Reputation Through Sustainability Reporting in Indonesia
Nurmadi Harsa Sumarta, Mugi Rahardjo, Kingkin Kurnia Trio Satriya, Edy Supriyono
Post-Issue of Sustainability Report: Does Bank Reputation and Market Valuation Improve? (Evidence from Indonesian Listed Banks)
Nurmadi Harsa Sumarta, Mugi Rahardjo, Prihatnolo Gandhi Amidjaya, Tri Mulyaningsih
Effect of Human Capital Readiness on Business Performance of MSMEs in East Java, Indonesia: Does Global Market Orientation Matter?
Bambang Tjahjadi, Noorlailie Soewarno, Viviani Nadyaningrum
Firm Characteristics, Corporate Governance and Tax Avoidance: Study on Mining Companies in Indonesia
Sri Suranta, Trisninik Ratih Wulandari, Hanung Triatmoko, Renata Zoraifi, Juliati Juliati
The Effect of Corporate Governance Perception Index on Firm Performance in Indonesia
Nurma Gupita Dewi
Human Development Index (HDI): Comparative Study of Western Indonesia and Eastern Indonesia Region FULL PAPER PDF
Sri Suranta, Sulardi Sulardi, Santoso Tri Hananto
Board Diversity and Financial Statement Fraud with Board of Commissioner Effectiveness and Audit Committee Effectiveness as Moderating Variable
Tiara Pradani

Social Sciences

Empowerment and Economic Well-being in Rural Community Development Model: Role Moderating of Social Capital
Sarjiyanto Sarjiyanto
A Study on Financial Well-Being of Indonesian Millennials FULL PAPER PDF
Prototype of LPG Gas Leakage Detector System Using MQ-2, MQ-5, and MQ-6, Sensors Based on Fuzzy Logic
Digital Taxes in Southeast Asia: A Review FULL PAPER PDF
Siska Premida Wardani, Gilang Maulana Majid
Policy and Economic Intervention on Human Resources Aspect of Central Java Province in Competitive Competitive Index
Andjar Prasetyo
Investigation into Millennials’ Perceived Environmental Knowledge towards Intention to Use Environmental-Friendly Drinking Straws
CHRISTIAN HAPOSAN PANGARIBUAN, LUH YUNA IKA DEWI, Muhril Ardiansyah, Okta Prihatma Bayu Putra, Desman Hidayat
Policies against COVID-19 and Impact on Business: The Case of Batam, Indonesia
Septyanto Galan Prakoso, Iim Fathimah Timorria
Regional Economic Development in Malaysia: An Impact Evaluation of ECER-Human Capital Development Programmes
Abdul Rahman Abdul Latip
The Advantage of the Mobile App-based Waste Management: Towards A Zero Waste to Landfill
Elvia Ivada, Veronika Arief Mulyani Kantus, Susilaningtyas Budiana Kurniawati, Wijaya Triwacananingrum
Integrating Green Image of Destination in Theory of Planned Behavior to Explained the Younger Tourist Environmentally Responsible Intention Behavior
Rakotoarisoa Maminirina Fenitra, Indranawati Usman, Handriana Tanti, Gancar Candra Premananto
Territorial Based Development Strategy to Increase Regional Competitiveness of Central Java Province
Wiwin Widiastuti, Agus Fanar Syukri
Determinant Factors of Seller Satisfaction in Fashion Wholesalers context
Amalia E Maulana, Julio Adisantoso, Bobie Hartanto
An Empirical Study of XYZ Regency’s Population Development Grand Design
Jalu Aji Prakoso, Khresna Bayu Sangka, Hadi Sasana

Covid-19 Pandemic: Business Impact and Economic Recovery

Beating Benchmarks by Bundling Bouncy Baskets
Ravi Kashyap
Ahmad Fauzi Abdurrohman
Discounted Cash Flow to Determine The Fair Price of Shares in Sub-Sector Buildings Construction During Covid-19 Pandemic
Sandar Setiawan
The Effect of COVID-19 on Stock Market: A Study at Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX)
Sri Suranta, Hanung Triatmoko, Renata Zoraifi
Adaptation Concept of Market System Framework on the SME Snack Food Cluster during the COVID19 Pandemic in Temanggung Regency
Surya Esthi Hutama
Analysis of Sea Transportation Stakeholders (Consequences for the Post-COVID-19 Maritime Axis Development)
Adenanthera L Dewa, Izza Mafruhah
Sustaining the Local Sport Products Competitiveness from the Perspective of Emotional Value
Wiriyanto Chandra, Agustina Fitrianingrum
Busy Directors: Evidence from CEOs and Directors Compensation
Robin Robin
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of Covid-19 And Firm Value
Sri Suranta, Sulardi Sulardi, Santoso Tri Hananto
The Requirement of Agriculture Land Area for Farmers Well-Being in The Western Indonesia
Baiq Rindang Aprildahani, Surya Tri Esthi Wira Hutama, Chrisna Trie Hadi Permana
Strategy for Recovery the Condition of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) during the Covid-19 Pandemic and the New Normal Era in Central Java
Wiwin Widiastuti, Alan Ray Farandy, Suroso Suroso
Covid 19 and Travelling Intention: A Risk Perception
Firda Nosita, Rifqi Amrulloh